Foldable Laptop Table with 2 USB Cooling Fans - ETB001

Rs. 749 Rs. 2,250

With the constant advancement in technology, the use of desktops is going down and people are getting inclined towards laptops and tablets. Laptops are a better substitute to desktops as they are lighter, portable and more compact. This HIGH QUALITY FOLDABLE LAPTOP TABLE WITH 2 USB COOLING FANS is perfect furniture to keep your laptop safe and provide you with comfortable working condition. The table is made of high quality plastic which is strong, sturdy and durable. Laptops tend to heat up after a certain period of time due to constant running of fan, this table hosts two USB fans to keep the laptop cool and durable.

This foldable laptop table has a very sleek and stylish look. It is light in weight and foldable. This table can be used like a complete laptop table or folded half as a study table and used on the sofa, bed, car and floor. It has proper corners made for mouse pad, glass holder and pen stand. It is ergonomically designed to give you complete ease and comfort while you are working for long hours. The desk has a dimension of 315mmx280mmx36.1mm which can hold all types, size and models of laptops. Place an online order soon to reap the benefits of the laptop.

Features at a glance:

  • sleek and stylish looking
  • Light in weight
  • foldable legs
  • main desk dimension 315mmx280mmx36.1mm
  • separate sections for mouse pad, glass holder, pen stand and laptop
  • 2 inbuilt USB fan with a Fan Speed of 2500 RPM
  • The fan gives a power supply of 5V power
  • can be used in office/school/home
  • 1.2kg weight

From the Manufacturer

Lightweight and Multi-Functional

This foldable laptop table with 2 Cooling Fans is product that can be put to multiple use. The cooling fans support your laptop in a perfect manner to create a comfortable work environment for you. With a lightweight design, it is durable and can be used with laptops of all sizes. This high quality foldable laptop table can be used for just reading or writing anywhere you like whether it's your bed, sofa or car.

Comfortable and Easy-to-Use

This easy to use laptop table is made from high quality plastic and supports your hand with a great mouse platform. Your Laptop's performance is affected by the heat that is generated while it is running, but with this foldable laptop table your laptop is supported by 2 USB-enabled fans to keep it cool to ensure optimum performance. Just adjust the height as per you convenience depending on where you are, the leg adjusting height range varies from 0-310 mm. It also includes a USB interface with USB cable included.

  • Fan Speed: 2500 RPM
  • Fan Power Supply: USB, 5V power
  • Cooling Base Adjustable Angle: 0-70 degree
  • Leg Adjustable Height Range: 0-310 mm

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