Multipurpose Zig Zag Table for Laptop and Study with Cooling Fan Lapdesk Bed Stand Height Adjustable Foldable Portable Flexible Folding Office Tables - LPTT8B

Rs. 1,390 Rs. 3,000

Get your work done comfortably. Say goodbye to neck pain and tension from always looking down at your laptop.

introducing the laptop stand this desk is designed to allow you to set up an office anywhere.

It is easy to carry, with a light weight aluminum frame. While this device makes a perfect desk for your laptop, it also has several other uses, including: - tv dinner tray -sound equipment table -projector table -standing desk -book tray -writing desk -tablet holder -standing desk/stand up desk quickly plug up the usb cord and turn on the ultra-quiet cooling fans to chill things out what's in the box. Inside you will find the light weight aluminum stand, the mouse pad that will attach to either side of the stand, a usb cord that will connect to your laptop and power the fans, and 2 clips that can optionally go on the front of the stand to secure your laptop. Fan is big one attached on lower part of table.

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