Big Size Aluminum Wallet Card Holder With Mirror Aluma (Random Color) - ALUMA

Rs. 149 Rs. 1,050

All your money needs someplace to be kept safe, but you obviously do not want to go strutting around town with an ugly safe on your back like a rich hunchback And that is exactly why they've invented credit card wallets! . So get yourself a stylish and unique Aluma Credit Card Wallet with the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking feature. Styled keeping both men and women in mind, this stylish wallet has six expandable pockets to fit 10 to 12 cards. . The wallet is modern looking and the hard-case protects your cards from demagnetization while its functional design allows easy access to each card. Its easy to fit in a purse or straight in your pocket. It also helps to block RFID scanning of your credit cards by thieves. Features: Nearly indestructible. RFID Data Secure Guard Against Card Data Theft. Ultra-slim outer case. Made of Poly carbonate Body and Aluminum outer surface. Waterproof to keep your valuables dry. Compact size is great for both men and women. Easy open latch for hassle free use. Fits in any purse or pocket. Designed for both men and women

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