Disposable PPE Kit with Coverall Gown, Hand Gloves, Goggles, 3 PLY Face Mask, Shoe Cover and Head Cover (Non-Surgical, Not for Medical Purposes)

Rs. 549
  • NON-MEDICAL PPE KIT: An essential PPE kit for safety & protection of all individuals at a variety of non-medical applications where protection to all body parts is required against dust, germs, bacteria, & other biohazards
  • COVERS FROM HEAD TO TOE: Ensures that all vulnerable areas of the body are protected including Eye, Nose, Mouth, Respiratory System, Hand & Feet along with complete exposed body area
  • IDEAL FOR ALL PLACES: Quick to deploy and easy to wear, this personal protection kit is excellent choices for low-risk zone areas to wear by workers in your facility including guard, janitor, cleaner, office boy, etc
  • APPLICATION-SPECIFIC DESIGN: Each of the protection gears available in this kit is designed to offer enhanced level of protection barrier against infection while letting your body parts do the work as usual without any hindrance
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN & SIZE: This personal protection kit will fit men and women alike whatsoever be the body size. With roomy body space, elastic head & zippered closure – it has got you covered

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