Set Of 2 Snap Fit Drawer Dividers Storage Organizer-SNAPFIT

Rs. 499 Rs. 1,500
Designed With Non-Slip Handles On Each End Of The Strap
Each Separator Stretches From 14 " - 21St
Ideal For The Organisation Of Utility, Stationery, Tools, Bedroom Drawers With Socks And More
Each Divider Extends From 14" - 21.25"
Keeps Items Organized
Item Weight 540 G
Product Dimensions 37 X 10 X 8 Cm
Material Alloy
These Super Useful Drawer Dividers Expand From 14" To 21.25" Enabling You To Use Them In Small Draws And Bigger Drawers.
Ideal For Organising Utensils, Desk Office Supplies, Tools, Bedroom Drawers For Socks, Undergarments And Much More.
Their Sturdy Construction Will Hold Tight So That Everything In Your Draw Will Remain Compartmentalised And Organised.
The Dividers Are Cleverly Designed With Non-Slip Grips On Each End To Ensure They WonT Move And Slide About All Over As ThereS Nothing More Irritating Than Spending Time Organising Your Draw To Find ItS All Just A Huge Great Big Mess A Few Hours Later.

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