Steel Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand for Hospitals, Clinics, Office, Shops, Factory, Banks

Rs. 1,500
  • Improved Design - We have changed the design after hearing to negative feedbacks and made the product more stronger and innovative.
  • Heavy Duty - Sturdii Sanitizer Dispenser Stand, as the name suggests is strong and built with heavy duty steel to ensure long life. Functional foot operated pedal ensures hassle free operation.
  • Sleek & Adjustable - Unlike any other Sanitizer Stand, this is sleek due to its functional innovative design, which doesn't require unnecessary design complications. Also the bottle holder remains stationary and only the plunger will move, and in case of varying bottle heights, only the plunger can be adjustable to suit the bottle.
  • Multipurpose Usage - This Sanitizer Stand is designed for Hospitals, Clinics, Office, Shops, Restaurants, Facotry, Educational Institutions, Tuition centre, Banks, Malls, Stations, Airports Etc.
  • Powder Coated - This stand is powder coated to ensure long life and also ensures that it is corrosion free. Which makes it ideal for outdoor environment.

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