Magic Insta Hang Instant Wall Picture Hanging Tool - INSTAHG-01

Rs. 599 Rs. 1,800

Magic Insta Hang Instant Wall Picture Hanging Tool - INSTAHG Hanging pictures and decorations on the walls used to be torture^ with all the nails^ hooks and hardware that you need and the damage they do to walls Not anymore with Insta Hang^ the revolutionary wall peg-dispensing tool that lets you hang any picture^ any object^ on any wall in seconds. The secret to Insta Hang is in the angle pegged design that angles up for a super tight grip that never slips^ never budges^ so that it's sturdy and secure. With the Insta Hang^ you can put up a photo gallery fast and give any room an extreme makeover in minutes. The Insta Hang also has a built-in bubble level and a convenient measuring guide. And it automatically reloads so that using it is super easy. Warranty 3 Month Vendor Warranty In The Box 1 x Set of InstaHang Accessory kit includes 36 pegs^ 6 peg caps^ and 4 hooks

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