Heavy Duty Multipurpose Steel Alloy 28 Pieces Screwdriver Bit Set Combination Socket Set - 28PCTK

Rs. 349 Rs. 1,000

28 Pcs High Strength Screwdriver Set are your best selection. Made of high-quality material, they feature high strength and strong structure. The Screwdriver disarms and fits nut and screws. It has a Screwdriver and Ratchet Design which makes it very flexible to use. A compartment is present in the handle to keep the pieces. It comes in a slotted case for keeping the screwdriver and the bits in their places. These high-quality screwdrivers can not only have long service time but also fix ports in high speed. With these precise screwdrivers, you can work with effortless ease. At the same time, they are suitable for household appliances, cars, digital and electrical products, mechanical devices etc. These practical tools will be your good assistants


  • 28 Pieces Screwdriver Set Includes One Screwdriver Head, a Storage Compartment in the Handle and 26 Insert Bits. All The Screw Heads are Electroplated Brightly.
  • Plastic Ergonomically Designed Handle Is Soft and Comfortable To Operate. There is a Compartment in the Handle to Keep Pieces. Suitable For Electronic Products, Digital Products, Mechanical Products, Etc.
  • Different and Precise Specifications Screw Heads Can Meet Your Needs Anytime.
  • A Versatile Screwdriver Bit Set For Driving and Retrieving Very Small Screws. Can Open Mobile Phone, PDA Housing, Laptops, PSP, DS, MP3 Player, etc. Useful For Any Hotel, Household, Hospital, Shops, Etc.

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