Super Absorbant Floor Mat

Rs. 699 Rs. 899

Easy to Clean

The oval bath mat nonslip is easy to scrub and clean. A little dust can be treated directly with a vacuum cleaner. Usually, you only need to clean it with a brush or sponge, which saves your time and energy.

Water Absorption And Quick-drying

Strong water absorption, rapid penetration of water without accumulation. It can quickly absorb water stains and oil stains. Keep the floor clean and dry to keep your home comfortable and clean.

High-quality Floor Mats

Helps reduce damage floor from sprinkles and oil stains. Good quality floor MATS do not.

Strong Slip Resistance

Our non-slip floor mats are made of PVC + technical velvet, which dries faster than ordinary floor mats. Non-slip rubber floor with firm grip to increase security and stability.

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