Portable Mini Lightweight Cordless Hand-Operated Manual Stapler Size Tailoring Sewing Stitch Machine - HLDMCH

Rs. 599

https://youtu.be/tef8MYJN7h4Cloth-self-feeding Mini Hand Ami Sewing Machine is useful for mending rip, fray and rents in garments. You need only up-down motion like a stapler to sew with this machine. 1. Proper way to hold mini hand sewing machine the machine with your right hand,placing the thumb on top of the machine with the fingers supporting the bottom. 2. Machine the threading Insert a Bobbin filled with thread through loop-1 and loop-2 (while using an spool so not lead the thread through loop-1 and lead direct to loop-2) then through the tension adjusting discs. Next pull the thread further and guide it through the hook near the needle's back. Now guide the thread through the needle from right to left with the help of the Threader Through the needle from right to left with the help of the Threader. 3. Positioning the cloth Raise the cloth fastening plate with your right-hand's forefinger and place the cloth under the Fastening plate. 4. Adjusting thread tension The cloth self-Feeding system adopted on this Hand Sewing Machine feeds the cloth and stitches in proper tension automatically. However, a few helpful hints. ->If stitching is too tight, turn Tension Nut slightly to left. ->If stitching is too loose, turn Tension Nut slightly to right. 5. Sewing operation Hold the left end of cloth with your left hand and press the needle into the cloth all the way by gripping the machine gently as you move the machine to the right while pulling the cloth slightly to the left. 6. How to set a spool on the machine If bobbin gets empty or some other colors thread is required. Remove the small size bobbin from the Machine (leave the red washer in original position.) connect the Auxillary Axis (Rod) to secure the spool. When a larger spool is adapted recheck thread tension and adjust tension if necessary Use cotton Thread 50-60 or polyester spun Thread for best results.

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