Portable Suction Multi-Purpose Wash Gargle Device For Bath & Kitchen - 1917MTPWGD-01

Rs. 299 Rs. 900
Shopper52 Portable Suction Multi-Purpose Wash Gargle Device For Bath & Kitchen - 1917MTPWGD
This Is A White, Plastic Shelf Designed For Your Bathroom To Hold Your Utensils Keeping Them Clean And Tidy
The Shelf Has Holes Built In To Let Excess Water Run
The Product Is Very Easy To Install With The Two Suction Cups That Stick To Your Tiles And Can Be Removed Without Causing Any Form of Damage, This Is A Very Strongly Built Product And Is Sure To Do The Job To A Very Good Standard, It Makes Screws Irrelevant Meaning You Can Move The Item To Different Places To Suit Yourself, Without Leaving Behind A Mess
1 Shelf
2 Suction Cups
Holds Up To 4 Toothbrushes
Holds 1 Toothpaste Tube
Holds 1 Bar of Soap
Strong Build
No Screws Needed
Very Easy To Install
Plz Dont Use This Product In High Temperature Workshop OR Near Fir
Avoid Using Alcohol And Dilute Daily Health Products To Wipe And Clean This Product
Please Dont Place This Product In Sunlight For A Long Time Lest To Shorten Its Life Period
Before Using, Please Carefully Wipe Blot, Water, Oil, Grease, etc On Installation Area And Suction, Keep It Completely Dry
If The Product Deforms And Is Not Easy To Install, Please Soak It In Warm Water of 60-70 Degree For About 10 Minutes Before Reuse

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