shopper Multipurpose Powerful Portable and High Power 12V DC Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner for Car and Home- DC-12V

Rs. 549
Features: 1. Strong suction, wet and dry, removable dust box, and with a long straw, used to remove the car angle and gap dust dirt. 2. Excellent quality and convenience, removable filter, so that the vacuum cleaner to play a large and continuous cleaning performance. 3. Can be widely used in cars, boats and other dust. So you have a healthy and comfortable space. ? Instructions: 1. Insert the power supply into the car cigarette lighter jack 2. Handle above the power switch control button, the control button to push the position can be used to push to OFF to stop using 3. Depending on the use of different replacement nozzle, about 4.5 meters long cigarette lighter cable, enough to cover any position inside the vehicle vacuum; 4. Use the suction port flat on the ground, in order to achieve better results 5. Power switch in front of the filter housing cover switch, press the removable front cover to clean the filter 6. Do not inhale the burning material, such as burning cigarette butts 7. Dry and wet, pay attention to open the front cover drainage Precautions: 1. When used, the filter must be installed 2. Do not direct in the sun, do not use in high temperature and high pressure 3. Do not use gasoline or volatile strong detergent to wipe the body 4. When the motor is turned, the front shell must not be won 5. This product is a vehicle tool, prohibit the use of children alone, so as to avoid danger 6. When taking the tide should pay attention to the height of the front cover of the water 7. When removing foreign matter at the gap, apply a duckbill. 8. In the normal state, usually can use half an hour, and no impact on the car battery

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