Car Back Seat Storage Organizer Bag Assorted Bag Pocket - CBKORG2

Rs. 249 Rs. 750
This product is crafted using waterproof fabric, according to different items designed different pocket, the pocket using a grid design, and the product to meet the design beautiful, full use of space, waterproof, transparent, visible, and easy to maintain take. 2. Small space with back design. 3. Set different pocket. can store the following items: snacks, cell phones, water bottles, umbrellas, books, pens, chewing gum, and so any things. 4. Adjustable Seat Straps 5. 4 Sleeve Pen Holder 6. Mesh Upper Pocket 7. Beverage Holder 8. Hook & Loop Storage Pocket 9. Dual Mesh Lower Pocket 10. Seat Tie-Downs

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