Multi Plug Point 3+3 Universal Socket Adaptor with Led Indicator & Individual Switch, 6 Amp Cordless - 3-3SOCKET

Rs. 499
  • Compatability - This adapter is universally compatible. It is compatible with multiple plugs .
  • Useful for - Set top box. tablet, CCTV Camera, Led Strips, Television, Computer, ADSL Modem, Laptop, Dvd, Screen, TV Tuner Card , Cordless Phone, Weighing scale, LCD monitor, Scanners, Disk-man, Printers, Electronics & IT Gadgets, All Adapters, etc.
  • Easy To Carry - Its Light Weight, handy, portable & and easy to carry as a travelling Partner.
  • Power Rating - 6 Amp 240 volts AC
  • Precaution - User do not use strip for heavy load equipment's like Microwave oven, Electric Kettle , Iron Press, Geyser, Immersion rod etc. Can be use below 1000 watt devices as total load on the strip.

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